Jersey Bowls Association and Jersey Women's Bowls Association 

        came together to form one Association called 

           Bowls Jersey. on 17th November 2004


          Bowls is a game for all the family. It is one of the few games at which men and women can play   on equal terms .Age is no barrier; teenagers are often just as good as their parents and can enjoy beating them!

There are five major outdoor Bowls Clubs in Jersey and our total membership is about 1000 . The Clubs want to encourage more people to become members and already hold " OPEN DAYS " when new players can try their hand without any obligation to continue.

The outdoor season is April to September  and membership starts at around 50  for adults.

Like all sports games ,Lawn Bowls is competitive. It is a game which requires concentration., consistency and control for success. Great strength is rarely of  importance.

The Clubs are open every day for general play; called "roll-ups" but most members enter competitions run by the Clubs themselves and by the Associations. There are many different types of competitions ranging from singles to four a side (called Rinks). There are plenty of mixed events for men and women to play alongside each other whilst for beginners there are novice tournaments  and handicap events.

Bowls is an international sport recognised throughout the British Commonwealth, the United States and in many other countries particularly in the Far East; Japan, China and Malaysia to name but a few. Players from Jersey are encouraged to enter tournaments in all of these countries and we frequently gain good results.
Of course, our chief opponents are from Great Britain. Indeed the British Isles Annual Tournament is the star attraction; so much so that our champions are eligible for  entry by reason of  their success in Jersey. Naturally, there are annual matches against Guernsey and other islands.

Altogether, Lawn Bowls is a most attractive sport. Every member of the family can play. it is a most sociable game and it is not expensive. The game offers everything a sports person can wish for.