On the 29th September 1988 a meeting of 9 qualified umpires ( with 1 absentee) took place at the Jersey Bowling Club, Westmount, St Helier where it was unanimously decided to form an Association. At that time the prime objective was to provide the services of members to the major events of the  Island by the indoors and outdoors authorities governing the sport . Several of our long-standing members are not quite so active in officiating but nonetheless they still continue to provide valuable advice and assistance to the Association in several other ways.

It is recognised that the qualification and development of our umpires is the key to success in officiating at Island events which include inter Island and International matches, European and British Isles Championships not forgetting the under 25s World Indoor Championships which have taken place here in the Island.                   The experience gained by our umpires involved in this high level activity has been quite extensive and we have this very much in mind with our newly qualified umpires. Training courses are held locally from time to time with a thorough review of the Laws of the Sport together with the various practical aspects of measurement in order to ensure that participants are capable of achieving the high pass levels of both written and practical Examinations. 

Our training manual, based on the current World Bowls Laws and also the laws promoted by the World Indoor Bowls Council, has been designed to assist all those who wish to study and qualify as umpires.

  Officers of the Association

            President                                                  Carole Derrien                    Tel No. 862593

            Honoray Secretary                                   Josie Gregory                      Tel No. 741721

            Treasurer                                                  Doreen Moon                      Tel No. 745231

               Fixtures Secretary                                 

               Marianne Smith

                Pat Henwood