Waitrose Weekend Mixed Pairs Winners   D Le Falher T O'Connor - Previous Winners
Waitrose Weekend Mixed Pairs  Runners up  C Renouf P de Gruchy - -
Jean Holmes Mixed Pairs  Winners   M Rive T Oo'Connor - Previous Winners
Jean Holmes Mixed Pairs  Runners up      P Le Long C Greechan - -
The Famous Grouse Winners     B Le Feuvre T Le Feuvre - Previous Winners
The Famous Grouse Runners up  S Ruderham S Ruderham - -
Junior Under 18Ss Mixed KO Winners     Ben Le Fevre - - Previous Winners
Junior Under 18s Mixed KO     Runners up  K Videgrain - - -
Mixed Drawn Fours                Winners   F Bisson C Ruderham E Simon S Staley Previous Winners
Mixed Drawn Fours              Runners up  J Douglas R Godel B Ferbrache M Steigenberger -
Open Novice Winner Miss C Greechan - - Previous Winners
Open Novice Runner Up F Archibald - - -